About Us

Wood Construction Systems, Inc. is a supplier of heavy timber construction materials for timber trusses, beams and wood arches. These structures would require solid or laminated timber, solid or laminated wood roof deck.

We do not supply plywood, laminated veneer lumber, parallel strand lumber, dimensional lumber or light wood plate trusses made up with dimensional lumber and light gauge pressed plate connections.

Our specialty projects involve single story structures such as churches, schools, gymnasiums, pool structures, post and beam residences and replica rolex other recreational buildings.

Our company can also furnish installation of the above identified materials.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have concerning our products.

Materials that we quote are identified in the following AIA specification categories:

06130 - Heavy Timber Construction
06131 - Heavy Timber Framing
06135 - Glued Laminated Timber
06136 - Heavy Timber Trusses
06150 - Solid Wood Deck
06170 - Structural Glued Laminated Units
06180 - Glued Laminated Construction
06181- Glued Laminated Structural Units
06182 - Laminated Wood Deck
06185 - Structural Glued Laminated Construction

George J. Kocsis
Wood Construction Systems, Inc.

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